Snow white, the militant feminist Arab Activist

dp_project__snow_white_by_glowingradiance-d76tsrqWhen the feminists of Tahirir square declared that Snow White of Poisoned Apple fame was to be the poster girl of the Islamic feminist Arab spring, there was an expectation of a second round of executions to prevent the raging movement that demanded everything from Hijabi beauty contests to robotic male drivers cast in form of mahrams (or permitted men) to accompany occasionally unaccompanied housewives to their beauty appointments and kitty parties. But executions by stoning, beheading and death by whipping, had become the norm in the latter part of year 2020, with special targets provided to Islamic courts for female prisoners, the majority inmates of hell, And the erstwhile argument that polygamy favored the abundant single female population was now becoming an seemingly senseless argument, though this did nothing to diminish adamancy.

Snow white, feminist activist known as much for her militant outlook as for her despise for men, had chosen to wed and bed seven husbands in immediate succession, in a loud protest against the oppressive male dominated regime of Egypt. The media raised the proverbial hue and cry and their was much talk that Snow white could be executed for insult of the Islamic state, but the veracity of this news was still not established, as was whether Snow was in direct disobedience to the existing Shariah law.The editorial of the weekly Al-Jazeera proclaimed that the number of husbands was the major issue. If Snow had taken four, much would have been forgiven. It was only God’s chosen who was permitted to take as many as was desired. News was leaked as to how Snowhite treated all her seven husbands, with equal love and care, visiting each man in turn on each of the seven days of the week. And much sympathy and respect was evoked that Snow had not, like the creator himself, a seventh day to rest.

The biggest proponent of Snow white’s immediate imprisonment and execution was Queen Missriya, the fifth wife of King Fahad, for a matter entirely different from multiple husbands and equal rights. At the time of the fifth royal wedding, much of Cairo’s upper class society had come to the unanimous conclusion that had there been a Hijabi beauty contest, Missriya, would have won it hands down. But now she was bundled in layers of designer black from head to toe, as handsome princes from around the globe frequented the royal court, even as Snow’s uncovered exquisiteness splashed all over Al-Jazeera.  She could not handle the undiluted attention that the girl was getting for her extremities, and decided that nothing would please her more than giving the girl a bare back whipping. A plan in mind, Missriya set upon a royal visit to Snow’s humble home, armed with nothing but her Apple Macintosh Laptop and three of the elite members of her royal guard.

And thus Queen Missy arrived at the edge of Sinai forest, where, in a giant fortess, lived Snow and her seven husbands. As her royal guards knocked the giant doors and awaited, Queen Missy tapped her manicured fingernails impatiently, deciding that the girl had amassed as much fortune as she had nerves, given how she kept the royal retinue waiting.

The Queens eyes widened almost immediately as the door opened. A dwarf! The queens options had been severely curtailed post-marriage, with little chance of male socialization. But a dwarf was a rarity even otherwise. She made a mental note to request her husband the king to acquire one of these for her queensgaurd.

“Welcome, my queen to the humble house of Snow White. I present you , our wife, our love, Snow white.” declared the dwarf seriously, and the queen found herself reduced to a sudden burst of giggles. But her laughter froze at her throat as she saw six more of them flanking the ever alluring Snow white, her bosoms peaking out of the long fuschia gown, cut bold and deep.

“Snow, my child”, the queen said breezily, her eyes fluttering even through the Niqab. “I rejoice as I finally meet you, she said as she elegantly placed herself in a chair. “I have heard much of your attempts to modernize our country. Raef, bring in the presents,” she said, clapping theatrically.

The head of the queens guard, Raef, brought out a gigantic trunk, dragging it to the centre of the hall. There was a collective sigh as the royal gift was revealed. A black burqa, studded at the hems with the purest of swarovsky crystals.

“A Tabassum Burqa”, breathed Snow.

“Yes and handwoven. Uniquely designed just for you”, Missriah watched the struggle in Snows eyes . Even a feminist couldn’t resist the power of a studded Tabassum.

“Yes and now you may kiss me, my child”, said Queen Missriah gracefully.

Slowly, Snow stepped forward, tilting her eyes gently in the direction of the queen. She arched her neck, gently kissing Missriya on her cheeks, and then with a naughty glint in her eyes, her lips graced the queens lips, and Queen Missriya felt her heart still.

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