How to Skin a Human Alive….For Dummies

She lay on the plank. With her disgusting nudity. You might think that sort of thing excites me. But no. I am not in it for the screams. Sometimes, you need to do things cos you gotta do it. Expectations were abound. And often times, you did things out of peer pressure. Like skinning someone alive. At least that’s how I started.

I’d agreed to do her because of the baby fat on her face. I liked that sort of thing. Besides, she was a pretty one. But then, adulteresses usually were. I had to admit that I did wonder how she’d looked without…you know… her skin. Don’t judge me, but honestly, I am sure everyone wonders the same, how someone looks like that…skin out and screaming. But I gotta tell you, its not as great as it is made out to be. The folks, they faint way before that. But, despair not, I am here to tell you there are ways to keep them awake for the longest.

Let me tell you what I am not going to cover. Tying them up. This is an instructional video for skinning someone alive, not tying them up. That would come under the prerequisites. A sort of ‘before you begin’. And I’ll make a different video for that. Anyway, I’ll give you tip. Its best to clunk them on their heads, and get them unconscious for it. Especially, if you don’t have anyone to help out, which is often the case if you are the lone wolf in your quiet neighborhood. But wait for them to wake up before you begin the actual skinning. Because skinning a sleeping person is definitely uncool, by any standards. Its like raping a sleeping woman.

As a side note, I can tell you that skinning someone alive is not the same as skinning a dead goat or dog. So you need to unlearn a few things here. That is food science. This is art. There is a difference.

Tools. A good ear plug is a must to prevent distractions. As is a carving knife. Get a good sharp one, especially if your final product has artistic or aesthetic value. And a bucket. Because along with body parts that sometimes fall off, , there will be a lot of retching, especially if you are a newbie. Blood itself has a strange metallic smell, which in large copious amounts, is quite nauseating. And cleanliness is key to any fine art.

Anyway, down to the instructions. If you have an audience, or are using a camera for recording, place it to the side, parallel to the human, because you don’t want it to distract you. I was personally quite camera shy, especially in my initial days, and had a tendency to keep looking up and wondering if I was smiling, or whether my best profile was showing. This is with a damn mask on. Cameras tend to do that. Nobody wants a selfie-hungry psychopath, if that’s your demographic.

If you want the quick and dirty way, you can cut right through the center. The human body is designed in this beautiful way, that you can actually open the skin like it was a buttoned shirt. Note that the skin over the chest is a little hard, so apply proper pressure, and wait for that first spurt of blood. Don’t keep drawing repeated lines like a failed artist, because that is just amateurish. Drive the knife strong, and focus on the pure art of it, instead of being distracted by the theatrics. You’ll slowly find yourself entering a zone, where your mind works and becomes one with the skin. That is when you have arrived.

If you are more in for the aesthetics, or plan to transplant the skin on a different body, or require the skin as a part of a larger sewing project, you may want large cross-sections of the skin cut out neatly. Cutting the hands and the legs off will facilitate this process. The human will automatically clench his body tightly out of the pure pain engulfing him, and this provides the additional tension for that perfect slice. Carve out the skins for the arms, legs and in case of a female, breast cups, separately, and immediately immerse it in an alcoholic solution of choice.

As discussed earlier, the human being tends to lose consciousness quite early in the process. If this is of concern to you, start dissecting the skin from the appendages and work your way to the center, in increasing order of pain tolerance. This ensures the human stays awake longer, and gives the necessary tension and showmanship required for a successful skinning project.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. Now just remember, that this is a process that takes a lot of practice, so don’t be disheartened with a few failed attempts or premature death. As a final tip, I can tell you that talking to the human sometimes helps. Let him/her know that there will be a certain amount of pain involved, and try to put them in that perfect uncomfortable spot. Give them a heads up on what exactly you have lined up, a sort of agenda, or what next. Because fear does a much better job of keeping the subject awake than pain.

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Disclaimer:  This article is a work of humor and fiction, and does not indicate the inclination of the writer (who is so feeble minded, she could not watch Bhooth, Sixth Sense or Hard Candy without fainting, or google the topic at hand for fear of what may turn up). Additionally it cannot be used by an aspiring psychopath for multiple reasons, the least of which being its gawking scientific inaccuracies.



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