The Pregnant Djinn

Faris was an angry Ifrit .  Anger was bad news in an Ifrit, who were Djinns, creatures of smokeless fire. An ancestor of Faris was said to have burped around the Mesozoic era, and accidentally wiped out the dinosaurs. The Almighty Yehwah was yet to fashion humans from the red dust of the earth, and…

The BTR Pandemic (Better than Retinol)

A new pandemic has invaded the masses because of the idiot act of a scientist. And instead of owning up to his mistake, he proceeds to patent it, and insists on turning his pandemic viral. Septemus is onto Chang…while also worrying that his wife could be into Chang.

Patient 31

Meanwhile, a pandemic was also spreading in the fictional Jamathi world. Women are wearing their hair loose, moral decay is rampant, and the end of days is imminent.

Killing Marie

A short piece into a writer’s soul as he grieves the death of love in the hunt for art and originality.

Jai Musca Domestica

Fascinating new research could possibly shed light on one of the most widely debated topics of the Kingdom of Sedonia, the matter of the Housefly.  Triggered by outrage of a housefly falling into the flavored drink of the visiting American president at the Sedonian Royal Home, rumors have been widespread of a government-funded extermination of…

When I took an Existential Crap

Last evening, after I took a mistimed crap at work, I came out and suddenly felt existential. I know that is a bit excessive, given that I don’t have a clue about the concept, but I thought it was the thing to be, like being woke and all. Still I had a nagging sense that…

Right Ho, Jeevika

It was a fine day, the kind that could bring in even the most bumbling of the male gender, a song in their rhythm-less hearts. So you can only imagine its effect on someone blessed with the energy of feminine creation, for what indeed is greater originality than that of creation of another human being….

Mr. Skeleton in the Closet

I opened my closet, expecting nothing surprising.  Just the same set of mismatched, undersized clothes I picked up hoping I’d grow thin some day without dieting or exercising. What I did not expect, was an anorexic version of a human being.   Well, not exactly anorexic, as starved.  Not actually starved, as dead.  And boney. …