This Stupid Sinking Ship

This ship is sinking,
Yes, the hull is fine, the engine spanking,
There is no iceberg ahead,
Even the weather is pleasant, no giant waves in sight,
This story is a bit boring,
I mean, it’s a sinking ship,
And there is no clue what’s wrong,
The engineer, he worked a bit,
Fixed a few pumps, checked the oil and stuff,
It’s just not helping,
It just went down a bit more,
I mean,
How can you fix something, that’s not broken?
There is nothing wrong,
Nothing at all,

Yeah, OK, we get it.
It’s fine, leave it to sink,
As if we care,
Ignore it a bit, perhaps it will just rise up,
I mean, look at all that wonderful scenery,
Icy mountains, and endless blue,
Why would any ship just decide to sink here,
But we may drown!
That’s OK, Just focus.

Is it still sinking?
Yes, no change at all,
In fact, it’s worse, gone a bit further down,
So much for that, huh?
Should we offload?
Throw off a bit of the heavy stuff?
Just make it sink slower?
I don’t know, let it sink.

The rats are scramming,
The water is rushing in,
Its bloody freezing cold,
White sprays in the dark night,
A glacier crashes in,
Eager to join the fun.

We are drowning for real,
But I guess it’s OK.
You feel a bit calm even, don’t you?
I mean, its finally over.
We’ve traveled far enough.
Yes, the journey wasn’t over.
But there is a journey downwards too,
Perhaps that’s the path,
Downwards, into the unknown,
Where no living has gone,
Where it doesn’t feel dark or cold,
Where you don’t need to worry why
A perfect ship just chooses to drown,
Where a thousand stars are born and raised,
Into a plain, perfect sky,
Spotless, beautiful.