The Printer

There once was a printer,
That made a hell lot of noise,
Especially when it printed
With gusto, for all the boys.

Of course they were other printers,
Big and small,
That printed quietly, and all day long.

But this printer, it printed, with a particularly fine print,
In a day, in a month, very determined.
But the noise it made, it was just too much,
Especially when you made it print, a bit too much.

The owners were flummoxed,
Take it down said one.
Buy another said the other.
But the fine print is good,
can’t we bear the sound a bit.
It drones, said one.
But the print! said the other.
And on and on they went,
From dawn to dusk.

The printer thought too.
(Yes, some printers, they think)
Must I really print all that much?
Can I print a little, still fine print?
Should I print that much, with such a din?
But what about Printer’s glory?
(Yes, Printers have glory)
The finest Printer of them all, maybe a story!

But these thoughts, are not for printers to think.
A printer prints…not thinks.
Fine print or din, is not for you to think.
Print and print….unless you want to sink.

And so it goes, the fights over the printer,
Until the printer goes bust, on the floor in splinters.
Then another comes by, takes the same place and bay.
Fine Print, Numbers, Noise, Glory?
Mere matters of a day, just another story.

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