The BTR Pandemic (Better than Retinol)

A new pandemic has invaded the masses because of the idiot act of a scientist. And instead of owning up to his mistake, he proceeds to patent it, and insists on turning his pandemic viral. Septemus is onto Chang…while also worrying that his wife could be into Chang.

AI Broken

My eyes scanned through the job listings on LinkedIn, and then fell upon Nirav absorbed nearby on his laptop. Vivaan meanwhile, ran about in the way of 5-year olds, bumping into things that were anyway out of his way but still making the effort at loud chaos. Nirav’s eyes met mine, and I gave him…

Patient 31

Meanwhile, a pandemic was also spreading in the fictional Jamathi world. Women are wearing their hair loose, moral decay is rampant, and the end of days is imminent.

100 days to Zero-Waste (or Public Shame)

Despite(/Because of) my privileged life and education, I consider myself very environmentally-aware….mostly because my office cafeteria has segregated waste (and 40% of the time I manage to toss my waste in the right bin) But today, when I visited my designer bathroom, I noticed something….terrible…sinister…oh so horrible…. It was the plastic bottles. The bottles were…

How to Skin a Human Alive….For Dummies

She lay on the plank. With her disgusting nudity. You might think that sort of thing excites me. But no. I am not in it for the screams. Sometimes, you need to do things cos you gotta do it. Expectations were abound. And often times, you did things out of peer pressure. Like skinning someone…